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 Audition takes place in one of the studio’s dance halls.

 Pupils aged 17-29 can apply for the program. In order to be admitted to the education, it requires that you have experience with dance, that you are serious, and have an open mind. Last but not least, you must be clear and accommodating to new challenges ..

 For audition, there will be taught in technique, jazz and hip hop.

 For the higher students, the day ends with a private conversation, where you immediately get notified if you come in on the dance education. the training for the sake of quality)

 For registration for audition, please fill in the registration form below.

You are also more than welcome to look past us one day and follow our daily teaching, or if it fits better, you can also go by and see our evening team. For questions, please call +45 29 88 12 87

Registration for Audition 2019/2020

May 24 Registration deadline May 12

June 14 Registration deadline June 3

02 August Registration deadline 20 July